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Servicing your medical equipment is a vital task. It requires a professional partner with the experience to maintain your equipment reliably and promptly.

A servicing and maintenance contract from Swift Medical Trolleys will help you:
protect your patients and people from injury
avoid high liability costs
reassure staff and give patients confidence in your care
comply with Health and Safety regulations
reduce replacement costs by extending equipment lifespan
improve the perceived professionalism of your establishment

Making safety a priority
Our servicing includes:
  Safety inspection:
Inspecting, checking and adjusting all moving parts, including pump unit and gas springs/actuators for wear and tear.
Inspecting and checking all joints and fixings for wear, then retightening or replacing bolts and screws to correct torque.
Inspecting, checking and adjusting wheels and brakes for correct movement and ease of transport.
Inspecting, checking and adjusting head, back, lateral tilt, trendelenburg and foot section movements, fittings and locking devices.
Testing, checking and adjusting manual trendelenburg operation.
Checking side bar security and operation of cot-side rails.
Testing battery voltage and connections.
  Functional inspection:
Checking and repairing all movements and operations according to specification.
Dealing with any operational issues logged by staff in departmental record books.
Inspecting mattresses for imperfections, such as tears and pock marks.
  Providing a written report on the equipment's condition and certifying the inspection.
  Factory upgrades and modifications
Incorporating factory-required upgrades where possible.
Training staff on using tables and equipment.
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