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  Based in Suffolk and working throughout the UK, Swift Medical Trolleys Ltd specialises in providing, servicing, maintaining and repairing operating tables, patient trolleys and medical equipment for the NHS and private sector.
  The company delivers its servicing, maintenance and repair solutions through a choice of contracts. We are also an exclusive provider of market-leading products, including the Opmaster range of motorised and manual operating tables, and a wide selection of accessories.
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Leighton Garner
  Swift Medical Trolleys was launched in 2009 by Leighton Garner: a well-known individual in the healthcare and medical industry. His aim is to provide NHS and private sector organisations with a personal service that ensures the quality and safety of their operating tables, patient trolleys, hospital beds, and other medical equipment. Leighton brings over 10 years' experience to the company, gained during positions with Seward Ltd, Williams Medical Supplies Plc and Lab-Med Ltd.
Email Leighton Garner, Managing Director at Swift Medical Trolleys or follow @SwiftMedical on Twitter.
Throughout his career, Leighton has provided products and services to many NHS hospitals including Kingston General Hospital, Bristol Eye Hospital, Ninewells Hospital, Llandundo General Hospital, and private establishments such as Moorfields Eye Hospital, Wellington (London), and clinics in Harley Street.
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